Tuesday, February 22, 2005

something about salsa

I'm one of those people who likes to sing along. Especially when it gets to the fun part of a song, like "woo-hoo"s or whistling parts... So whenever Good Eats comes on, I try to say "good eats!" along with the song but it's at such a wierd beat that I can never get it right. I got it once last week, but I think it was just a lucky yell. Only those of you who are nerdy enough to have watched Good Eats enough to notice will understand. Try it. Watch it tonight and try to sing along. I dare you.

We give
Alton enough kudos most of the time that I don't feel bad ripping into him a little for all the mistakes in his new book. Bodie went to make his brownies last night and the ingredient amounts were all crazy (he called for a "tk" of water, we could only assume that meant tea kettle?), so I looked online and he's got bunches of corrections for his recipies. Don't get me wrong, I like the book and the recipies, but you'd think he's got enough money for some good proofing. And just fyi, the brownies are significantly better the second day.

A couple days ago we were talking about salsa, and the fabulous salsa we could only get at Lucky; we would drive all the way over to the eastside to get it. It was the best salsa and we haven't had it since Santa Cruz. I couldn't remember the name...

Chachies! It appears that Santa Barbara salsa is somehow related to them. We should go get some.

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