Friday, February 25, 2005

Template fun

I have been messing with the template today instead of posting cuz we wanted to make some changes. Problem is I am having a hell of a time with the picture in the sidebar. When I am logged in the picture comes up fine, but when I log out it won't come up. I have the link directly in our template instead of in one of our profiles cuz the tag is longer than 64 characters. I am not sure why it won't work, but it is more than i can do at the moment.

Hopefully I will have this mess sorted in a day or two.

I am tempted to develop a template on my own, dumping the blogger template all together because we have abandoned most of the original format anyways and the blogger stuff is just getting in the way. I have big ambitions and no skill so it will probably end up taking forever. We'll see.

Does anybody have any software they can reccomend using?


Athlotus said...

Your Human technological incompetence is typical. Ha ha. The Resistance is amused.

Bodie said...

Them are fightin words!

I bet my Sink-Erator disposal can kick your fancy polished crome butt!

La Uva said...

I've been wondering if going to page-view and copying and pasting the template into Frontpage would work (not that I'm a Frntpg fan ~ it's just the editor I have). I figure I could tweak the template a little within Frontpage, and then repost again.

Love the concept of a couples blog. Yours is the first I've come across. Well done!

Noir Muse said...

Hummm. My boy knows of one...I will ask him to send a link shortly.

Bodie said...

I am thinking copying the template to front page or some sort of such program will work, and then learning how the blogger tags work so as not to screw them up too bad will be the best solution.

Now I just need to make time to do it.

Noir Muse said...

The site is:

There are quite a few designs there. Maybe this helps?