Thursday, February 24, 2005

Digging out

I have been in such a state of craziness around the office the last month or two that my office had become a war zone. Piles here, stacks there. Papers strewn about. It was total anarchy! I decided since half the office was out today that I had a chance of being able to spend a few hours without interruption to get it cleaned up. I have only done about half of the filing I needed to and it took me 4 hours! Why is it so much easier to make a mess than clean it up? That's where entropy bites you on the ass.

This is a pic of a Mustang just like my first car. Wish I still had it, but there was no way it would have survived college.

My truck is having mechanical issues yet again (it seems to have a critical drivetrain failure once a year). This time I believe the transfer case has given up the ghost. I was brought up a "Ford guy", but given my record recently I have to say, fuck Ford. Each time I fix the truck I think, it would be stupid to sell it now that it is fixed. Why should I not get the benefits of the money I spent? I now see that the cycle of repairs has become vicious and I must stop. I must sell this truck before it bankrupts us (at least on a spiritual level)!

BTW If you are stupid enough to own a Ford Ranger (just like me) there is a great resource for advice and repair information to be found at the TheRangerStation.


Now that I think about it, the fact that there is a great resource for all of us making repairs should be a bad thing. I suspect the shittier your vehicle of choice (or dependence) the more resources there are available for repair help. I must investigate this and figure out which vehicle has zero resources, and therefore never has any problems!

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