Thursday, February 24, 2005

grey ice water

Proof positive I am a total nerd. I got funny looks from B-dog this morning when I was putting ice in my water bottle, so I was trying to figure out how one would complete this problem on the way to work this morning. Summon the energy of Rob Coe, think way back to ES113 (or any other nerdy geology physics class), and solve:

I’ve got two 32-oz nalgene bottles that I fill up with water (50 F) at 7:45 AM. One of the bottles contains approximately 12 oz of ice (20 F). I take the bottles to work and they both sit on my desk (68 F) until 11:00 when I start drinking them. Is the one that originally had the ice significantly colder than the one without? If not, how much ice would I need to add in the morning to make it so?


countjrg said...

GEEEZ! Is there a prize for the correct answer? Sounds like one of the logic game questions on the LSAT (or a Google job application).
Weren't you going to apply for a Google job because you like these sorts of things?

mandy said...

I do like prizes! Maybe if someone comes up with a good answer they'll get a prize.

Bodie said...

If you really want it to be cold at 11 and you want to avoid condensation rings on your desk, you could simply at the ice at work. You could probably even use their water if you wanted!

greyguitar said...

Personally, I'd like to stick to winning the prize based on my unique visitor number--does 2150 have bells and whistles on it?

But if you insist, why not fill one 3/4 up with water and put into the freezer the night before. The next morning, say, around 1038am, you pour 1/4 of the luke-warm water into the cold one that has been slowly melting on your desk. Then, every so often, repeat with another 1/4 until it's all melted into a refreshing, crisp cold water. That way, you're only losing out on 1/4 of 2 nalgene's worth of water!

Of course, I sit in a cubicle and refill my nalgene from the cold water fountain twice a day and that way, I receive 64 oz of cold water in instantly per day. haha.

mandy said...

Hmmm... All good ideas! However I think my point was lost somewhere... I guess that means I win? Yea, I'm a winner!