Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Today seems to be a slow blogging day. Is there a giant shortage of topics to post about today? I can't seem to think of much.

You know what that means...

You got it - puppies!

When we went up to
Capitol Hill last weekend to see the documentary, we noticed a coffee shop called Coffee Messiah. That was kinda funny, but then we realized it was next to a tobacco shop: Holy Smokes. And it gets better; on the other side of Holy Smokes was Apocalypse Tattoo. Excellent.

Last night B-dog and I came to the conclusion that Zach Braff would make a good roommate but Natalie Portman wouldn't. I bet Isaac Brock would be a horrible roommate; Ben Gibbard would probably be a pretty good roommate. I wonder if Parker Posey would make a good roommate?

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psychy said...

awwww great puppies