Thursday, March 10, 2005

brimming with outrage

Given that I just posted it should be evident that I am back bloggin'. I was out in the field for the last couple days and I didn't really have the energy to post. While I was away a lot happened that I have been brimming with outrage about.

I hope everybody saw this Sunday's 60 Minutes. It was great. They had a story about the CIA kidnapping people with a ghost airline and flying them to lovely places like Uzbekistan where they can be tortured. Bush sure does love torturing people, but I wish he would stop doing it in my name with my tax dollars. They also had a story about cop killers inspired by Grand Theft Auto, and a wonderful piece about the criminal acts of Tom Delay. It seems that the Republican party has become so confident in their majority role that they are starting to get sloppy with their corruption. Let's hope the money trail extends to Bush.

There has also been the whole gay marriage thing and a lot of other issues I am sure I will get to in the next few days. Not having the blog to vent my outrage I was almost tempted to actually get out and do something to change things. Thank goodness that urge passed.

I don't really like AdBusters, but i love this campaign. TV Turnoff week is coming soon. Tell your friends, organize outings or gatherings. Maybe even throw a party!

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mandy said...

I like AdBusters, but I'm really frustrated that they started actually placing ads. Their "anti-swoosh" campaign is really just another logo.

Regardless, maybe we should celebrate anti-TV week by cancelling the cable? My biggest concern though is the Tour. Without OLN we won't get the daily race coverage. Maybe we should spend three weeks in July up in the 'Quah with Sco-Dees?