Friday, March 25, 2005

i thought rattlesnakes were walkin'

It's International Waffle Day!

True to form, Americans apparently don't recognize the International Waffle Day. We have our own Waffle Day; it's sometime in August. But the International Waffle Day originated in Sweden, and it is exactly 9 months to the day before Christmas, when Mary was supposedly informed that she'd be having a baby. It's also the traditional first day of Spring, when Swedish women would put aside their daily winter tasks and spend the day making and eating waffles.

It definitely is spring here. Yesterday at my drill job in Kent and it was sunny with a bunch of big puffy white clouds dancing through the sky. I had been outside all day and it hadn't rained. I actually got pink in my face. Driving home I had a window open and Pavement on the radio. Doesn't get much better than that.

I think we should celebrate this joyous holiday by having waffles for dinner. Anyone want to join us?


Noir Muse said...

I always forget about waffle day. And I mean always. I have never ever celebrated it. I suppose I could have eaten a waffle on international waffle day, but I assure you, it was completely coincidental.

Yay for waffle day! And thanks for alerting me to this day of celebration. Do you think we’ll be able to park for free at the meters – considering it’s the holiday?

mandy said...

Most definitely. If anyone got a parking ticket on Friday, fight it! It's an international holiday! What judge can argue with that?