Wednesday, March 30, 2005


I am in Spokane still and I am bored. This is a pretty nice city and they have a pretty kickass urban core with a really cool park left over from the Worlds Fair, and like 37 miles of bike and jogging trail along the river. If you ever have the chance I reccomend a short visit to Spokane. Unfortunately it is about 40 degrees and windy right now and a 9 mile bike ride was about all I could take of being outside. No site seeing for me.

I was noticing that out here in Spokane they have 3 or 4 Christian FM radio stations and that seems like a lot, but the weird part is that they are all at the top of the dial. I am used to all the Jazz, classical, and Christ being at the bottom of the dial. I like it up at the top of the dial cuz when I am looking for NPR I am less likely to get fooled by a preacher or some christian news program into thinking I have found NPR just to be disappointed(this happens a lot when searching for NPR in strange towns).

Spokane is kind of a wacky place!

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