Thursday, March 31, 2005

heaven has a hole in the middle.

Who knew? It's also covered with lemon yellow frosting and pretty little yellow sprinkles.

As I ventured into my local
Starbucks the other morning before a trip down to Tacoma for work, I caved and bought the Valley Girl Lemon Top Pot Doughnut to go with my tall Americano. As soon as I took the first bite I knew this was something special. And then I took a sip of the Americano and something magical happened. I always knew coffee and doughnuts went together well but this was a match made in heaven. No, actually this was heaven. Mmmmm… I'm terribly sorry if you folks outside of Seattle don't have this wonderful Top Pot Doughnut. It's a crying shame.

With Bodie gone, I put a bunch of sappy lovey-dovey chick flicks to the top of out Netflix queue. I watched Before Sunset last night, Next Stop Wonderland the night before, and tonight I've got Annie Hall. I'm getting my fix of love stories out of the way so Bodie doesn’t have to be bothered with them when he gets back. It's kinda fun.

I'm sure you've all heard about this by now:
Report says US Intelligence ‘Dead Wrong’ in Iraq. Pretty damning stuff. It's not too surprising for me, although I bet there's a lot of people out there who are shocked. I'm sure B-dog will have something to say about it… ?


OLd WHiner said...

Cool report - did you notice it mentioned this will damage US credibility? Like we have any left? Shrub appears to be wiping out what credibility remains. Check out his UN appointee, John Bolton. Or is that too pointy?

mandy said...

That John Bolton guy is creepy. I haven't heard much about it though through the "liberal" media... It's scary how much falls through the cracks.

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