Thursday, April 21, 2005

be careful what you wish for...

They really turned off the cable last night. I even left knitting early to catch the season finale of Lost but we didn’t get to see it. I need to keep reminding myself that this is okay, that I don’t really need to be updated on a bunch of fictional characters left on a deserted island, and I don’t really need to know who gets kicked off the reality show, and I don’t really need to know what happens with Elliot and the kayaker guy. And Arrested Development is done for the season, so I’m okay there.

But I really do want to know what happens with Elliot and the kayaker guy!! The suspense is killing me.

That’s it. We’re invading the Issaquah pad Tuesday nights from now on. We’ll supply the beer, you supply the cable connection. Good?


greyguitar said...

But JD told him that Elliot was a man. hahah.

Sorry, I'm a bit addicted too.

And I'd give anything to watch more fictional characters on a deserted island. I feel like we're not going to know what happens to them during the summer months. Ha.

Merce said...

Ah yes, Tuesday nights...Nothing like a good dose of Scrubs, The Office, and a couple of beers. Come on over. It'll give us a good reason to clean the house! Question... What are you going to do in July with no TV? Just asking.