Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Is there a name for that little glob of lotion/conditioner/cleanser that hardens in the pump spout so when you go to use said lotion/conditioner/cleanser it ends up spurting all over the mirror or shower and none really gets in your hand? It needs a name. Annoying-hardened-glob-of-conditioner doesn’t really do it.

The cats and I had quite an evening last night. I mentioned the orange one doesn’t like to be picked up, right? Well after about 15 minutes of chasing and cussing and turning up everything in the room that he could possibly hide under, I succeeded in literally scaring the shit out of him. I still feel so bad. I think after that he gave up and succumbed to the fact that I wasn’t giving up, and I finally got him in the box. I knew that after this it was going to take months for him to even get near me again.

The funny thing is though that after we got home (after an initial avoidance) he was pretty much back to normal. Hopped right up on the bed after I got in and walked up for pets like nothing had happened. Maybe he realized that the box wasn’t so bad after all and nothing really bad happened from being in the box? Or maybe he thought that I was protecting him from the lady with the needles? Or maybe he remembered how last time he was at the vet he was there for a few days and that the half-hour visit was much better?

Either way, I woke up in the middle of the night and looked over to see two little purring balls of fur snuggling on the bed with me.

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glob-dam-it ?