Tuesday, April 19, 2005

hello kitty kat

Bodie's down in Portland for a few nights this week and I was lucky enough to have both cats to snuggle with last night. Usually one will come up and hang out on the bed while the other terrorizes the downstairs. Last night I got both of them to hang out up at the top of the bed and was serenaded to sleep by a motorcade of purring.

But tonight we have an appointment with the vet. The orange one can't stand being picked up, let alone being picked up and put in a small box then transported to a strange place where they poke him with needles. It's a good thing the shots make him sleepy because otherwise he'd stay up for seven nights straight just to torment me. So much for the snuggling.

Now on to kintting! Here is a pic of the finished fuzzy feet. Don't they look so happy? I wish I could wear slippers to work all the time!

Here's a close-up.

Man, my mom is lucky. I stopped by the yarn store yesterday to pick up some yarn for my very own pair of fuzzy feet. In pink!


greyguitar said...

Perhaps your cats need some tadpoles to keep them company? Or not. Nice job on the fuzzy feet by the way. You should sell them!

Almostgrace said...

The pink fuzzy feet will be so cute!

mandy said...

Hmmm... Perhaps. I think that the tadpoles would turn from "company" to "lunch" very quickly though.

I can't wait for the pink feet! I wish I could sell them but the copyright on the pattern prohibits me from doing so. Instead I'll just have to make them and pass them out on the street corner for free.