Monday, April 18, 2005

I may be tall, but my feet aren't THAT big!

We thought we'd save a bunch of money and gain some quality time by canceling our cable. So last Monday, I called and cancelled. Excellent. We're saving over $50/month and we won't be able to watch all that stupid crap anymore.

Except that by canceling our cable, nothing really got cancelled except for the digital signal. For some reason we still get all the stupid channels (1-99) but we don't get the handy info button that tells you what's on when. At first we thought this was pretty cool (hey, free cable!), but then Bodie started flipping through channels on Saturday afternoon and couldn't stop. Channel after channel of home shopping, fox news, and chinese variety shows. It was sheer madness.

Canceling the cable might be the worst idea we've ever had.

On another note, I was feeling pretty sick this weekend so I stayed indoors and knit for the most part. I got quite a bit done. I even re-cast-on Bodie's hat I made for him last year that was too small with the intent to add a cuff that would make it long enough to cover his ears. I forgot what needle size I had used though and instead of making a cuff I ended up making a 1" ruffle at the bottom. Unfortunately it was ripped back before I got a picture. But if anyone needs to know how to make a ruffle at the bottom of a beanie, I've figured it out.

I also made
fuzzy feet for my mom for mother's day. Although now I've realized that I love them so much and they were so easy and fun to make that now I need to make a pair for myself and all my friends. No one should go through life without these. You knit up a giant wool sock and then stick it in the washer and shrink it to fit your feet. Then it's all fuzzy and thick and warm. Here's a picture of a before sock. Yes, it is over 13" long. I'll post the after sock tomorrow.


Almostgrace said...

It takes a few months to come down from the digital dependence. It is really jarring to watch TV with no explanation of what is on and what will be on next. I feel your pain. We have been digital cable free for 2 years. It feels good to be clean.

mandy said...

I think right now we're going through withdrawal symptoms. I look forward to the feeling we'll get when are actually free.

Merce said...
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Merce said...

A similar thing happened to us when we got rid of our cable all together. We ended up getting like 3 channels. HGTV, the Golf Channel, and AMC, (sort of). I drove Scotty crazy 'cause I'd watch those 3 channels, fuzzy and all. I learned more about redecorating than I ever thought possible. It's nice to know I'm not the only one out there with this sickness. Though I'm sure Bodie doesn't have it as bad as I did. Scotty finally got fed up and reordered Basic up. Not that there's anything on that either.