Thursday, April 28, 2005

kittens and woodpeckers and dogs, oh my!

Kudos to Widmer Beer for their new ad campaign. Hilarious!

I don’t think their beer is the best, but their hefe isn’t half bad. I’ll drink it now just because of the kitten.

Apparently male woodpeckers believe that the harder the wood is that they are pecking, the more manly they are. So they go around searching for the hardest and loudest wood to peck. They have decided that our metal chimney is perfect. It echoes through the fireplace and sounds like a jackhammer on our roof. The animals go nuts looking for the source. Wacky woodpeckers.

And we’ve also realized recently that our dog believes that the cats are higher than her in the pack ranking. She’ll let the orange cat eat out of her food bowl before she does. The cat even pushed her out of the way of her food once. It’s sad and funny all at the same time. Silly animals.

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Noir Muse said...

Who knew woodpeckers were so susceptible to machismo?