Monday, May 02, 2005

christians don't believe in gravity

This was originally going to be a comment to Bodie’s TV post (see below) but I soon realized that there was too much I wanted to say for a comment, so it’s turned into a post.

I completely agree with most of your post. The vast majority of TV programs are mindless advertisements that suck people in and prevent them from doing more worthwhile activities. None of the people on reality shows get to watch TV. Who wants to watch someone watch TV? That’s boring.

However I find it interesting that you don’t really care who wins the Tour. I don’t think the Tour has anything to do with TV. Just because it’s on TV doesn’t mean that you have to be completely indifferent to it. I’m excited for the Tour, TV coverage or not. I find the race to be exciting and entertaining. I’m hoping to be able to watch it. But if I can’t, I’ll still be checking the results daily on the internet. I’m really hoping that someone can really challenge Lance this year. Has TV and “reality” become so intertwined that if it’s on TV, it’s immediately not worth our time?

And here’s where I play the devil’s advocate. Really, what’s the difference between watching an episode of Lost and watching a movie that we got from Netflix? Why is it so bad to be entertained by Survivor but its okay to be entertained by Harold and Kumar? I find some TV shows to be extremely entertaining. I watched Family Guy last night and laughed. A lot! Scrubs? A very entertaining half-hour.

Maybe this is evidence (again) that everything is okay in moderation. Don’t sit in front of the TV for hours on end every night when you get home from work. Don’t waste away a Saturday watching guys work on cars. Don’t always have it on in the background while you’re making dinner. Sit at the table when you’re eating. Be okay with turning off Desperate Housewives if you are tired and want to go to bed. But watching a show here and there that you really enjoy, that is entertaining and makes you laugh, that’s okay.

And happy birthday (a little late) to Ande! We should hang out soon – I’ve got a present for you.

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