Monday, April 11, 2005

the magician’s underwear has just been found in a cardboard suitcase floating in a stagnant pond on the outskirts of Miami

Northwest Washington is second only to the Dutch when it comes to tulip production. Every year around this time there is a big tulip festival where people can walk around the fields and bask in the glory of acres and acres of tulips. A few years ago I went and had a blast. Last year we tried to go but got there a week too late and all the fields were cut. This year we went but it was ridiculously crowded with no parking and some of the fields were charging entrance fees. We got all but chased off one field and then just drove around for a while taking pictures from the car. It really is quite nice when you can enjoy it, but I'd recommend taking a morning off work and going on a weekday. And then on the way back you can stop by the hot dog stand where they don't sell hot dogs but they do have juice, a flea circus, and a dead tsetse fly*.

Yesterday I spent the majority of the afternoon cleaning, as we're having a homeowners meeting at our place this week. It's quite nice having a really clean house. And we finally put some stuff up on the walls. I feel like we should have a housewarming party or something. Is two years too long to wait for a housewarming party?

The new
Beck album is most excellent. It's not as sad as his past couple albums. It's pretty upbeat and rockin. I'm diggin it.

*So the described
roadside attraction doesn't really exist, but in theory, if one were to exist, one would find it on the way to the tulips.


Almostgrace said...

We bought the new Beck album on Saturday. I think Scientology is dulling his senses. Maybe they won't let him be depressed?... Whatever it is, you're right, it is quite rockin.

Almostgrace said...

The tulips are beautiful!

mandy said...