Monday, April 11, 2005

Small victories

NPR reported this morning that an increasing number of Republicans including our favorite homophobe Rick Santorum, are calling for the step down of Tom Delay because he is so clearly a crook he is hurting their chance for re-election. I almost think it is a shame, because I would rather the Republican party suffer the humiliation of the sitting majority leader being led away in handcuffs. Dare to dream!

We saw Sideways this weekend on our netflix, and I was surprised that Mandy and I disagreed on the movie. I thought the Miles character was obnoxious and despicable from beginning to end and there was no growth. Mandy thought that Miles grew through the course of the movie and was a changed man at the end. I am not sure why this movie was such a big deal, but then some people don't like Garden State, and that is just crazy talk to me. One of the things that bothered me was that the script had a guy who is a total wine snob sit down to drink nasty weak, drip, brewed from a can restaurant coffee. Maybe I am wrong, but I can't believe that such a quality snob about wine would bother with crappy restaurant coffee.

As a note, particularly for the fiscally conservative readers, there is a decent article in this months Mother Jones about pork barrel corporate tax breaks that were passed over the past couple years by both parties that help companies do wonderful things like move out of this country. I recommend giving it a read. Last nights 60 minutes also had a great report about homeland security money being used to solve the Lacy Petersen murder and to buy Segway scooters for cops. Too bad we can't afford to keep libraries open.

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