Thursday, April 07, 2005

the glove compartment isn't accurately named.

It's been a while, I know. I've been busy at work and Bodie is out in Portland this week. Apologies to my faithful reader(s).

I was angrily sitting in traffic the other day, wanting to get home and out of the car, when I looked to the car next to me and there was this adorably cute little girl sitting in the backseat staring at me. When she saw me look over she slowly and shyly put up her hand and gave me a little wave. I immediately smiled and waved back. She then looked forward and the car drove off. A few minutes later I realized I was behind the same car. She looked back and saw me and gave the same shy little wave. My heart immediately melted and I waved back. Little girls are so precious.

The San Diego Zoo has a
panda cam! I actually saw pandas on it too! They were chillin eating bamboo. I love pandas. The zoo also has an ape cam, a polar bear pool cam, and an elephant cam (although I believe the elephant cam is temporarily out of order). I wish bears weren't so dangerous. They're so dang cute I'd love to have one for a pet. Or maybe ride on the back of one. Good times.

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countjrg said...

Your story about the little girl is very sweet. It’s true! Little girls are awesome. Just wait until you have one of your own.