Monday, April 04, 2005

Kidnappers are us

I really don't have much to say about the recent report citing intelligence failures in Iraq and Afghanistan. If the fact that Bush, Powell, the CIA, and the conservative media (not to mention most of the "liberal" media) got the intelligence over WMDs dead wrong is a surprise to you, then you have been living in a fairy tale world.

Here's a bit of more shocking news for you from a story in the BBC and CBC. Apparently the US kidnapped a Canadian citizen while he was changing flight in the international terminal in NY and took him to Syria (a known terrorist country which we are supposed to be holding under sanctions) where he was held for almost a year and regularly had the shit kicked out of him by Syria's friendliest torturers. Now this fellow is sueing the US Government. The best part is that even though the CIA and the Feds deny any involvement with this guy, the flight logs backup his story.

If we can do this to innocent people traveling through our country what is to stop this from happening to us in other countries? Does this really make the world safer for you and I? It also makes me wonder, what is Syria getting out of the deal? Money? Arms? This wouldn'y be the first time a Bush was involved with the illegal trade of arms with terrorists. W's daddy should have hung from the gallows for war crimes and treason (Iran Contras, the el Salvador death squads, and financial support of Pinoche's genocide to name a few) back when he was head of the CIA. Now W is pulling the same shit.


The Ostrich Laureate said...

Hi there. First time reader and commenter. Being Canadian, and having lived in Ottawa for almost three years now, I found it shocking that the Maher Arar (the Canadian citizen deported to Syria) case is shocking news for you! Just goes to show... the power and irresponsibility of the media is frightening.

Bodie said...

It is intensely frustrating and sad, how little useful news is available to people in the US despite our vast access to media sources.

I have however posted in the past about the US kidnapping people and taking them to all sorts of unsavory places. I had not however heard of this particular story until recently. Naturally in Canada this story has had much better coverage because of his nationality.

Bodie said...

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