Monday, May 23, 2005

are there any gloves in your glove compartment?

Ahhh Auburn. Where it’s normal to be in line at a 7-11 and the girl in front of you is wearing a tee-shirt that says:



Besides all the rednecky stuff going on there, it really is quite nice. I miss the dry Sierra warmth with the oak trees and the open meadows. California calls to me and it’s really hard to ignore it sometimes. Especially when I’m here for only short periods of time; not nearly long enough to notice the smog, traffic, and crazy people.

Although I doubt I’d ever be able to be comfortable living here in San Diego. There are way too many good looking people here. I’d constantly be comparing myself with all the ridiculously skinny plastic blond women in tiny skirts. Call me shallow, but that’s one of the good things about living in Washington. There is a distinct lack of skinny blond women in short skirts.

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Bodie said...

It's no worse than Kirkland where you can be standing in line behind a 16 year old girl wearing pants that ride so low she is showing crack and pubes and say "Juicy" across the ass.

May I ask what is juicy, and how is that not supposed to make me immediately think sexually provocative thoughts about this little girl?