Monday, May 23, 2005


I just got back from my brother’s wedding in California, and I am exhausted. The wedding was on Thursday so I had to take most of the week off, but it was certainly no vacation. As usual my parents acted like a pair of damaged 13 year olds. They have been separated for almost a decade and refuse to get divorced for “financial” reasons, but neither one has moved on. They are so invested in their decades of lies to each other it is ridiculous.

Anyways, it is over and now I just have to get caught up at work and get ready for my sisters wedding next month. Mandy is in San Diego CA this week so she may not post for a few days. It has already been one busy spring for us with travel and work.

There is a pretty good article in Slate this week about corporate and government pensions and social security. I think it is pretty scary how little power Americans have over their pensions and retirement. Corporations negotiated these pensions as a form of compensation, and now they are trying to not pay them. These corporations got the service that was contracted for and now they are reneging on their contracts because they didn’t fully fund their pensions.

If a company like United can’t stay afloat even with bailouts and abandoning it’s pensions, I say it should be forced to die. Fuck United. I say it is time to start grading our corporations and cutting off bailouts and tax breaks to the companies that don’t benefit the greater good. If you abandon your pension plans to the government, then you don't get help from taxpayers. You have cost us enough. Other airlines will fill that niche and employ those people (who have already been nickel and dimed out of most of their contracts). We don't need United, and I don't want them.

While I am on the economy, with the weak dollar it now easier than it has been to buy American made products. Every single thing that you buy affects somebody else’s job and therefore your own. We should all try a little harder to look at the labels and buy American and invest in companies that employ Americans. This includes the produce at the grocery store, and the clothes you wear. The little extra money you might pay for American products is just a little more money that will come back around to you in the economy.

We keep shipping all of our money and jobs overseas to save a buck, and it is simply penny wise and pound foolish. A magnet on your car doesn't make you patriotic, doing something to help this country makes you patriotic.

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Merce said...

Yeah, fuck United! Bastard corporations doing the kind of business that would send most average people to jail. I just love Corporate Welfare!