Tuesday, May 17, 2005

warning: blatant advertising ahead

Before I get to the aforementioned advertising, I’d like to make a plug for our now-famous pets! They’re on OddTodd’s website, click here. All three of them are in there, just keep pressing the next button. Somehow a cute little cattle dog weaseled his way in the middle, just keep going past him.

Okay now for the advertising. I don’t really like to do it, but there are some things that are worth it, darn it. One being ice cream. Wavy Gravy in particular. We have a chance to bring it back from the dead! Go
here, and vote for the intense yumminess that is Wavy Gravy ice cream. Please!

Another endorsement from the Cumulus blog:
American Apparel. Sweatshop-free, brand-free, all made in the good old US of A. They recently opened up a store here in Seattle and their stuff seems to be pretty good quality. Simple cotton clothes, in lots of nice colors. A little more expensive than what you’d normally pay for a polo shirt, but hey, peace of mind is included. How much is that worth?

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