Friday, May 13, 2005

your own private tacoma

I’ve learned that bushwacking through Pacific Northwest forests is much more fun and much easier when you’re wearing carhartts and a hardhat. You know that your clothes won’t rip and you can just put your head down and plow through just about anything.

Well, except for those darn blackberry bushes. Those will get you every time.

Yesterday my job had me going down to an overgrown (ie never developed forest) 10-acre piece of land in Tacoma owned by a major US landowner who had come to realize that before they can build, they need to do something to address the arsenic and lead problem in the soil. So the first half of yesterday was spent tromping through the forest, looking for the right places to dig. Good times. The property was quite nice though - as soon as you walked in, you lost the road, the houses; the entire city was gone in this small little untouched forest. (That is, until you run into the abandonded meth lab...)

The cottonwoods are going crazy this year. I came home yesterday to what looked like a dusting of snow in the backyard, but it was only those darn cottonwood blossoms. Luna was loving it though. She would run and stop real fast and crouch down to stir up all the blossoms, then she’d go somewhere else and do it again. Silly dog. Can you imagine having so much energy that you’d run full speed everywhere you went?

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Almostgrace said...

I wish I could imagine having enough energy to run full speed all the time. Or the mind set to think that losing my breath felt good...