Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Don't use the Zed word!

I saw Shaun of the Dead the other night, and I am curious what others thought. I thought it was a bit ho-hum. It lacked enough tension and build up to make it a true horror, but it wasn't really funny enought to be a comedy. The final stand-off at the end of the movie was a bit overly melodramatic, and I don't think they really worked the physical comedy aspects of killing zombies quite hard enough. I guess I am a bit disappointed because it got a lot of hype, and I don't think it delivered. Maybe I was expecting too much.

I also watched American Beauty the other night. I think that movie is holding up pretty well. If you haven't seen it in a few years I recommend giving it another look. For quite a while there I had this weird crush on Thora Birch. I am not sure why because she isn't super pretty and she hasn't really had all that many good roles. I think it is kind of weird that she has her own fan site too, but I guess that is one way to do it. She is almost like a less cool Christina Ricci, but then she is a bit weird too.


countjrg said...

Great post!

First of all, Thora Birch IS HOT (but it is in a really weird way). For me it was Ghost World.

Shaun of the Dead! Okay- I LOVE zombie movies BUT I HATE British films. I felt this tension wresting within me as I watched Shaun of the Dead, and when all was said and done I really liked it! Healthy young Brits risking being among the undead, just so they can pickup a guy’s mother (sorry- I mean mum) and hang out at a pub? I’m not sure movies get much better plot wise.

Bodie said...

If you check out some of the images on her self maintained fan site, it definitely seems like they kind of ugly Thora up a bit for films. Mandy thinks it is to give her the girl next door look. Some of the magazine pics on there make it difficult to believe it is the same girl.

For me it was Ghost World that broke the crush, but started one for Scarlet Johanson. She definitely stole that movie away from Thora Birch.