Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The State of None...

I was reading a couple of the blogs I only browse occasionally and I found on The Huck Upchuck blog a link to a decent piece in the Washington Post talking about the false notion of religious persecution being perpetrated by the right wing.

My favorite part of his article is that the author gives some numbers on the declared non-believers in this nation. According to the article the American Religous Identification Survey (who knew there was such a thing?) reported that approximately 10% of the population reports "none" as their religion (I have to assume these are all adults that answered none) and that adds up to 29.4 million voting age people in the US. If all non believers lived in one state it would be the second most populous state in the nation and it's entire population could cast a ballot.

I had never seen these figure before so I thought I would share them.


C said...

that WP link is bad, B

Bodie said...

Hopefully I've got it fixed. Thanks!