Wednesday, May 04, 2005

i remember you

I had a dream last night that I went to my 10-year high school reunion and everyone was extremely fat. What does that say about me?

My senior year of college a group of us would go drinking every Thursday night. (I think I spent more money
here than I did on tuition.) Not all of us were particularly close, but we knew each other well enough and all shared a love of room temperature Guinness. One night Bapa purchased a cock ring from the vending machine in the men’s restroom, and put it on his ear, like a cock ring earring. We were all quite hammered at this point, and we all found it quite hilarious. Now when I look back on those times and I think about all the people that we used to spend time with, Bapa never fails to be “the guy with the cock ring earring.”

In high school, I went camping with some friends and some friends’ friends. One of these said friends of friends (who we didn’t know very well but were acquaintances of) proceeded to get ridiculously drunk and tell us all sorts of personal information and started crying. I feel a little bad for the guy, but now Zach will always be the guy that got drunk and cried in Big Bear.

On the same camping trip, I got pretty drunk too and before I knew it I threw up spaghetti in the campfire. (Come on, it was high school – I’m allowed.) Among the people there that I don’t see anymore, am I the girl who threw up spaghetti in the campfire? Am I known in some circles as the tall girl who had the stinky roommate*? How will you be remembered?

*I googled "orange juice garlic olive oil drink" (because yes, that's what she would drink, she said it was super good for you) and the closest I got was a drink similar to that which was used as part of a liver detoxifying program. Crazy crazy girl.

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Merce said...

In college we had a "thirsty thursday" thing too. Thursday usually rolled into friday, and the weekend was a given for heavy amounts of drinking. It's weird to consider that my first year of college consisted of more than half the week with partying. Ah, time well spent. I'm probably remembered as the girl who'd challenge most anyone to a 5th of Tequilla. If anyone was sober enough to remember...