Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Why do I hate America so much?

I hate the big box stores and all that, but like everybody else I am an occasional hypocrite. This weekend was one of those times that we just had to go to Costco. We desperately needed a small village's supply of liquid Tide and a commercial/industrial size box of garbage bags and a few other enormous packages of slightly discounted products (not all of the bargains are actually bargains). We stopped to look at the book section and I was somewhat surprised at what I saw when I looked at their a six book area of what constitutes their "political books" section. I wasn't surprised at them having political books, but I was surprised at the titles of the books.

They all had titles including things like:

  • the vast left wing conspiracy
  • liberals are ruining america
  • the case for invading iran
  • president bush is god incarnate
  • ect.

Is this an indication of the preferences of the Costco shopper, or the Costco corporate culture?

I had more on this, but blogger ate it and I have to get back to work now. To be continued.


mandy said...

It's a conspiracy. We blog about free cable, and our cable gets turned off. We blog about the evil TV and they start spying on us. We blog about the right-wing tendencies of Costco and then they eat our posts. Hmmm. They say Blogger is owned by Google but I bet that's just a coverup.

mandy said...

"It is our most moderately priced recepticle."

Anonymous said...

I used to work there and I would say its probably goes back to corporate culture. The place started by a bunch of Mormons...

countjrg said...

HMMMMM.... I read Al Frankin's last book, and I actually bought it at Costco. I've also seen Michael Moore, Kitty Kelley, and John Stewart books there as well.
AND-I'm pretty sure Bill Clinton did a book signing at the Kirland Costco. They probably gear the stock of their limited book selection toward sales projections. It was probably the just the day you were there that they had more paranoid conservative books.

Bodie said...

I have seen liberal political books there in the past, but on this shopping day there was no evidence of counterpoint to be had. I brought it up because I encourage people to really look at their consumer experiences and ask what things like this mean. If stocking their book area like this was not intentional, even that says something about their attention to detail. Things like this are noticed and affect peoples view about the place they shop.