Wednesday, June 29, 2005

i am a rock

I think listening to Bush’s speech last night didn’t help my rage problem. I could only take about five minutes of it before I started yelling back at him. I quickly turned it off after that. I need something to harness (or unleash?) my rage.

The vacation day in the airport coupled with one day of waiting for jury duty made for a lot of knitting (they made me give up my needles on the second day of jury duty – apparently I looked more dangerous?). I’m making very good progress on the cami and I hope to be done at Eastside Stitchers tonight. Yay! I’d show a picture of my progress but the digital camera here at work is not to be found. But it’s looking super, I swear.

I’ve been super unmotivated at work today; I’m taking over a new program and it’s getting difficult to learn everything while dealing with the old PM who doesn’t really want to give it up. And I don’t want to be mean and yank it all away from her (because I need her help in some areas), but I think she needs to cut herself off and move on. So instead I’m constantly being pushed in seventeen different directions and trying to get a grasp on things just to have them pulled back away. Arrgh.

It’s almost the 4th of July and my yearly resolution to make friends with someone who owns a boat has, again, been unsuccessful. Darnit! Oh well. There’s always next year…

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