Monday, June 27, 2005

help, help! i'm being repressed!

After spending six hours of our our vacation day off work in the airport only to find out that they had indeed cancelled our flight, going back home and trying it all over again the next day, we finally made it to Tahoe for Bodie's sister's wedding, with one hour to spare. It was quite a weekend, spent mostly in airports or driving around. Although a good chunk of Saturday night was devoted to throwing money away in smokey rooms with a lot of other suckers (aka gambling). Again, it was quite a weekend. I won't even go into the wonderful hotel room we were in - that's a post in itself.

And while in the fabulous state of Nevada, wee realized that some freedoms are being denied to us here in Washington state. Bodie walked into a gas station convenience store in Reno to find the following:

  • The clerk at the counter smoking a cigarette.
  • A woman sitting at a slot machine with a cigarette in hand, who had clearly been there for a while, as if the gas station was a great place to gamble.
  • Bottles of liquor behind the front counter.

We are being oppressed! None of these rights and freedoms are available to us. Write your representatives! I want to see drunk gambling in every convenience store this side of the Rockies!

All these things are legal in Nevada, but yet they have outlawed fireworks. Hmmm. Fireworks? Apparently that's just going too far.


Merce said...

Oh yes, slot machines in gas stations too... 'Cause really, what better way to spend your time? What we really need is the drive-thru liquor store that seems to be common in Wyoming. I think that's the ultimate where freedom is concerned.

There's nothing like pulling up to the window to buy a case of Bud Light, a pack of smokes, and never having to get out of your F350 to exercise your rights, (insert redneck accent here). Now that's living!

You're right! We are living in the dark ages here in WA.

countjrg said...

Oh please....
I applaud Nevada’s lose reigns on certain legislation. Let the free market decide! Do we really need liberal babysitters telling us to wear seatbelts and not smoke? And I thought you science types believed in natural selection!

mandy said...

I think you misunderestimated me! Being able to buy gas, smoke a cigarette, do a little gambling, all while getting drunk? That's a fabulous one-stop-shopping experience! I was simply noting the differences. No judgement here (at least today)!