Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Jesus supports our troops!?

Anybody noticed that the pervasive Support our Troops ribbon magnets when rotated 90 degrees resemble the Jesus fish? Mandy and I have seen many of them mounted this way on cars around Seattle and Olympia over the past month and I have to suspect it is not an accident. Is this another example of marketing shills wrapping our flag around the military industrial complex and then sprinkling a little religion on it so that if you don't support this war then you:

A) Hate the troops and want them to die,
B) Hate America and want it to lose, and
C) Hate Jesus.

I know I am jaded, but am I wrong?

Is this a code for one Christian patriot war hawk to another that I am not supposed to bother to notice, or is there something going on here I am not aware of?


Merce said...

Bodie, you're reading waaay too much into it. I think these are people too stupid or not seeing too straight, to know they've put their ribbons on crooked! Either way, it's about par for the course.

Bodie said...

Doubtless you are right, but I can't believe these are all accidents even if there is no intentional message.

susan said...

Oh, pet peeve, that drives me nuts. And of course it's intentional -- have you ever seen a sideways troops magnet on the same car as a darwin fish?

And there's no better way to rally people around a cause than sprinkling it with religion, except for identifying a dangerous element in society (Communists, terrorists, liberals, gays, whatever) and then making people trip over themselves to prove that they belong to the "good" side.

scotty said...

whoa whoa whoa... giving people waaayyyy too much credit here. those stupid ass ribbons are sideways because that puts the lettering on a horizontal. they are just looking at the letters and then "letters up good" <- that is their mental process read in cro-magnun' voice).

Bodie said...

I am just not sure on this one because i have seen the ribbin mounted in the same orientation and directly adjacent to the actual fish.