Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Un-Patriotic Acts and Treason.

It would seem that Karl Rove committed treason by unveiling the name of an undercover CIA agent to discredit her husband (former ambassador Joseph Wilson), and he should be treated like any other criminal. This story has kind of been floating around for a while and people don't really seem to care but I hope people recognize that the Deputy Chief of Staff for the President purposefully exposed a CIA agent. At the minimum he should have a healthy stay at a maximum security federal prison. I would also suspect that he was instructed to leak this information by somebody up the chain and there just aren't too many place to look before Bush comes into your sights.

It just goes to show that the Republican operatives will go to any length to further their purpose. They lied about WMDs in Iraq, and when they were confronted by Joseph Wilson about these lies Karl Rove and friends (Bush, Cheney, who knows???) decided the answer was to expose his wife as a CIA operative. This is the sort of reckless political action that should never be excused.

The media war mongers that helped to publish the WMD lies to begin with and then perpetrated the actual publication of the CIA operative’s name were also reckless in their actions, and I hope Judith Miller is enjoying prison. With any luck Novack and Cooper will be joining her as the details unfold.

Please read the Slate article Turd Blossom Must Go. Heres a little quote:

Inside the Bush administration, lying to reporters doesn't even come close to being a firing offense, so neither Rove nor Scott McClellan, who first called the accusation that Rove exposed Plame "totally ridiculous" and then flat-out said "it is simply not true," need fear for his job on that score. But Rove blew the cover of an undercover CIA official. If Dubya doesn't fire the man he nicknamed "Turd Blossom" for this offense, he's an even bigger hack than I think.


Anonymous said...

OK. So, if I'm going to touch this one with a ten foot pole... here it is... yes, maximum security for all those lying bastards. And, what else have they been up to????

mandy said...

I found out why he's called Turd Blossom on Slate: "As Rove explained it, 'Turd Blossom' originated on the West Texas plains, where animal droppings often give rise to beautiful wildflowers. (But wait: If Rove is the fertilizer that gave rise to the flower of Bush's second term, doesn't that make him just a plain old turd?)"

countjrg said...

You guys make me laugh!

Bodie said...

Laugh because you smugly believe there is no way a Republican majority will allow Rove to be punished for his treason, nor the Whitehouse probed for malfeasance from the highest levels, or laugh because you have allowed the politics of this to jade you to the fact that Rove endanged peoples lives to expose a CIA operative (and thusly all of her contacts within foreign governments), to further his goal of starting a war in which almost 2,000 Americans thus far have been sacrificed to zero results except for that huge sucking sound from the treasury?

countjrg said...

Geez Bodie! I was just laughing at the "Turd Blossom" thing. That's all.

Bodie said...

Sorry man I am fired up about this one. This whole thing reeks of the worst kind of corruption.