Tuesday, August 16, 2005

debate exposes doubt

Normally I make it a rule not to blog about my workplace. There is a heck of a lot that goes on here that would be prime blogging material, but in an effort to respect people's privacy (and also based on the fear that one day my coworkers will invetably find this blog), I stay away from it. That said, today I need to break this rule. My normal accomplice in bitching is out in the field today and I really need to vent.

There's a guy that I work with, we'll call him FL for now. He's not the type of guy who has what one might call normal social skills. Most people have something that stops them from saying everything that goes through their heads. FL lacks this inhibition. The other day I overheard him telling a female co-worker that she lookded funny. "You look funny today, are you okay?" How do you respond to that?

Today he was talking about how obscure the clinical definition of obesity is. Apparently there's an ideal body weight based on one's height, and if you are 20 pounds over that, you are clinically obese. Now I agree that is a pretty vague assessment. And that if you have a lot of muscle, or are big boned, you could be technically clinically obese, but in reality, you are not. So FL was trying to demostrate how obscure this definition was, and he said:

"You might even be considered obese."

WHAT?!?! I know what his underlying point was. And I know that he really wasn't saying that I was obese. But every man should know that you NEVER call a woman obese. NEVER! Because the insecure little girl in me immediately thought "wow, do I really look like I'm 20 pounds overweight?"

I told him that he was a jerk and that you don't tell women things like that. I told him it's not right to say those things. But get this - he didn't apologize! He just tried to defend it and explain himself more! Which led to additional obesity statements! ARRRGH! I think this man should be banned from speaking in the office.


Angela said...

Yes...he should be banned!!! Let me guess, he is still single right?! :P

Ande said...

Dude that guy is an ass! I think in his sick mind he thought he was giving you a compliment. I saw your PRETTY yarn and I can't wait to knit with you! Am I like the bar tender who gives an alcoholic a drink??? :)Ande

mandy said...

Oddly enough, he is married. Maybe his wife has banned him from speaking at home, so he gets it all out here.

And yes, Ande, you are fueling my addiction! ;)

Sonja said...

until you said he was married I thought you maybe worked in my old office...I worked with a guy that was famous for talking shit like that...I think the worst part is that they don't even see what's wrong with it. jerks.

Bodie said...

The perfect response would be something about his tiny penis size, or his questionable sexual orientation, but unfortunately you stray into very dangerous waters when you enter that realm.

Send me his e-mail and I'll do it.

Noir Muse said...

WHOA! Hold up there. That ranks high among the most uncouth utterings ever. And he refused to apologize? What a twerp!

Anonymous said...

Not that I was there, or anything, but he might have meant it as a compliment!

As in, "even slim, svelte YOU might be considered to be obese under these reeeediculous guidelines!"

Just a thought. But I know the type, oh yes. Little black rainclouds in the office, they are.