Friday, August 19, 2005

Why isn't there a Calvin peeing on Hobbes?

I have had a few 4-wheel drive redneck type trucks over the last few years and at one pointa few years ago a guy in the office asked me in a redneck voice in front of much of the office "Hey B what do you have Calvin peeing on on your pickup!?". This garnered laughs all around and I just had to smile and check this guy off in the schmuck column. Since then though I have really taken notice these stupid stickers. This isn't new blogging teritory based on this post and others easily found on the net, but they bug me just the same.

It is easy enought to get the Calvin pees on a brand thing because we are all aware of the whole automotive brand loyalty thing and know this is a sign of an idiot. Hey look it's Calvin peeing on an automotive brand, or France, or Osama, better give this guy a bit more room. He is over a sigma down on the bell curve. The ones that really mystify me are the rare Calvin kneeling in prayer next to a horse, and the more common Calvin praying next to a cross.

Is this a Calvin and Hobbes authorized Christian product line that I am not aware of, or is this another example of copyright infringement with a slight more positive message? Is there some uplifting message to be had here about naughty peeing boys and the cross? Is this a uniquely American thing to advertise ones religion on your vehicle or is this a worldwide phenomena? I suspect this is a uniquely American thing related to our car culture, but I could be wrong. Why would you put any of these stickers on your car? It's just a car not a statement about who you are and your place in society (or is it?)!


spacemarmot said...

how about calvin peeing on a jesus fish?

i'd like to see that one

Anonymous said...

my girl is getting one to mess with her ex... he made a comment about her being in gods hands now the rest is just annoying :-)