Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Feedback not required

This Onion article is just plain funny. I love the idea of intelligent design options for all scientific theories. I have stayed away from the whole evolution versus intelligent design debate because I just don't believe this is an argument that can be won. You can't prove a theory (definition of a theory), especially one as mutable and developing as evolution, and you certainly can't prove or disprove the existence of god. Fortunately evolution is testable as a theory and does very well. Sure we don't know everything yet, like how to create life, but don't push biologists because they might just figure it out (to all of our horror). This intelligent design thing isn't testable therefore it isn't a theory, and it isn't science (if you believe it is and want to comment/debate on design versus evolution, please don't).

I am fine with creationists that don't fight the idea that god can be responsible for the science, but I think these people that want a literal translation of the bible need to read that thing a little closer. It has been a long time, but I remember there being some seriously screwed up and very confusing stuff in the old testament. Now days if god tells a man to sacrifice his children or angels volunteer his children for rape we lock that sick bastard up. I am sure my atheists handbook has lots of other examples, but I hope we can all agree here on this one thing. The old testament simply can't be read as literal truth (if you believe it is and want to leave a comment expressing your faith on my blog, please don't).

I also like this slate editorial advocating (jokingly of course) for equal time for science in churches the recieve a tax exempt status. At least sane people are keeping their sense of humor on the whole thing( if you homogeneously agree with me and want to pat me on the back so that we can feel great together about our superiority, please don't).

If you know any funny jokes about the evolution versus design debate and want to pass them along, please do!


Merce said...

Oh no, intelligence is falling!?!

susan said...

Rock on, The Onion. :-)

(and I know that we're not supposed to post anything serious, but I can't resist adding that it's hard to take the Bible literally since it starts with Adam and Eve, and then they have 2 *sons*... and then millenia later there are ~6 billion people. The biology of it doesn't quite add up.)