Thursday, August 25, 2005

Isn't there a commandment about this?

Probably news to no one but me me but that old inflammatory christian guy Robertson reccomended that Hugo Chavez be murdered while running his mouth on some show or other. Apparently it kind of upset Venezuela (a major supplier of US oil), because the US has been demostrated to be both willing and capable of killing or having killed those leaders in south america that they find irksome. Publically calling for the murder of a president is just not a very sensitive thing to do considering the history of the CIA and the death squads in the region. Isn't Robertson the same guy that said we were attacked by terrorists because of the homosexuals?

Also there is a great blow by blow synopsis of the whole Wilson/Valerie Plame/Turd Blossom saga in this article. I don't really think this is a super important story, but hey Rush, the repubs, and Ken Starr kept the whitewater and blow job scandals alive for years. This was an actual crime with a coverup. I am all for seeing how far it will go.

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