Wednesday, August 10, 2005

i've got soul, but i'm not a soldier

I came to the conclusion this weekend that I knit too much. Now I know some of you may think it's impossible to knit too much, but I'm becoming a little obsessed. It all started because of this little jacket I'm knitting for someone else: first there was the deadline, then the worries that it wouldn't fit, then the concern that it wasn't absolutely perfect, and then last night I almost burned it when I realized that the sleeves are too small to fit in the armholes. This nice little gift idea has turned into nothing but stress. Everything is fixable but it's taking so damn long and I'd really just like to get started on something else. And I know that the recipient won't really understand how much was put into it.

So... I'm putting it aside. One day it will be complete and someone will wear it. One day.

And in the meantime, I've decided to set rules for myself. Rule number one (and this is really the only rule that I've thought up thus far): no more knitting for other people. It's just too stressful. I end up tearing myself apart trying to get the finished objects absolutely perfect and I never think they are good enough. And the whole deadline thing - no more birthday presents or gifts for babies that grow too fast.

Wow I sound pretty mean. But there's a point where I need to start being selfish. And that time is now.

I suppose there can be exceptions to the rule. Hats and fuzzy feet are simple and fast. Scarves can be nice gifts. I need to make sure to plan ahead and no more of this last-minute-I'll-just-whip-something-up stuff. I enjoy knitting but its frustrating when I spend an entire day doing it and there's nothing to show for it.

So next up, something completely selfish. I'm joining my first knitalong! The sweater (called Hopeful) is super cute but the link to it isn't working at the moment. And for every person that buys the $5 pattern Jenna is donating $6 to a breast cancer research program. I'll post the link as soon as it comes back up.


Noir Muse said...

I don't think your rule is selfish at all. It's those deadlines and the perfectionism that kills the fun in a hobby. I totally understand - no one ever really knows how much work goes into it. Never.

susan said...

I have that rule for myself, too, in a slightly different format. If I have a project that I know that the person will like, and I'm looking forward to making it, and it doesn't really matter when it's in, then I knit for other people. But it tends to be in a "someday you'll get this" sort of way, not in a "everyone gets socks for christmas" sort of way.

Angela said...

Sounds like a reasonable rule to me. The only things I make for others are accessories...don't need to worry about size and less risk in the 'are they even gonna like it?' area. Now take a deep breath, put the sweater aside and get them a Starbucks gift card for now :P Good luck

mandy said...

Thanks for the support guys!