Friday, August 05, 2005

Kittens every day!?

I just found a blog by this guy who posts pictures of kittens every day! Every freaking day are you kidding me! He is totally exshausting the cache of having kittens at all. Thats why we keep it real here at Cumulus and only hit you with the cute baby animals on special occasions. BAM! There you go. It a puppy kind of day, and can you believe it this puppy is adoptable!

Actually I doubt you can over use kittens but this blantant assault on something I thought was unique to Cumulus brought out my ugly side. I rode my bike to work today and it only took 35 minutes which is only 10 minutes longer than my usual morning drive, and if it takes that long to get home it might just beat the afternoon drive. Plus I get trhe extra special bonus of being on a bicycle getting exercise and not have the feeling of slowly sufficating with all the rest of the suckers out there is their metal coffins. Sure am glad I rode in today. I will do it more often.

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jon said...

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