Friday, August 05, 2005

summer is here!

And the cami is done!

The person taking this photo is obviously not a knitter, so the picture doesn't show it in all its glory. I do like that it matches the O'Keeffe flower off to the left though. Pattern: Honeymoon Cami from knitty; yarn is Madil All Seasons (50% cotton, 50% viscose) in chartreuse, size US3 needles. The yarn is super soft and a breeze to work with. I had to re-write the pattern a bit as the gauge is a lot smaller than what the pattern called for. I really like it except that I have to wear a strapless bra (can't go bra-less anymore - especially at work), and if I were to make it again I'd make it a bit longer and make the armholes a bit bigger. I had orginally ripped back the front to put in some short rows for bust shaping but that didn't quite work out as planned so I just re-worked it normally. I think a wider strap would be nice for bra-convenience, but the little I-cords look very cute. And here is a closeup of the lace/ribbing edge:

All in all, I probably wouldn't make it again. With the smaller gauge, it took too darn long for a tank top. But it's super cute and a fun little top to wear in the 4 weeks of Seattle summer. I think I finished it just in time!


susan said...

Cute! I love the ribbing, it came out great. :-)

mandy said...

Thanks! Are you going to make one too? ;) (I'm actually thinking about making a Branching Out scarf with the rest of the yarn...)

Almostgrace said...

Wow! I am totally impressed. I have to start knitting.

Angela said...

That turned out very cute!! And what a bonus that your knitted projects match your calendar in the office :P Can't wait to see it in person!