Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Just in case

Just in case you thought I was just picking on Hot Abercombie Girl (HAG), in a previous post I found a post of hers that I really like. This gem is about the proposed amendment to ban flag burning. Heres a juicy bit:

I'll tell you this: If such an amendment ever goes through, the flag should
be burned. Every single American flag out there ought to be burned.

I like alot. See, HAG has valuable opinions scattered through her blog, but once again there are bits that are a little too violent and extreme even for me like:

As for the lawmakers who support it: they should be captured as terrorists,
secretly deported to a real prison camp (not the "gulag" of Guantanamo Bay), and
beaten and tortured for the rest of their natural lives. I think that's being
fairly generous.

She thinks this is being generous and I only think it is fair if we send that treasonous fuck Karl "Turd Blossom" Rove along with them.

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Bodie said...

Apparently some people don't get it, but this is a sarcasm laden response to a previous series of comments on a post about how violent and extremist this self defined cute, right wing, conservative, christian blogger really is. If it makes you feel better, I am sure she would love to have me raped by pit bulls, or pecked to death by ducks for my liberal (apparently communist) leanings.

I do agree however with her opposition to the proposed amendment.