Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Bodie: Partisan Fanatic?

Not much to say here other than Yay! It turns out that if you are so obviously a crook that it can't be ignored any longer there is still some process for prosecuting dirty politicians even when your party controls 7/8 of the Federal power stucture. Thats right, Tom Delay has been indicted by a Texas grand jury on criminal conspiracy charges related to campaign finance. The actual crimes here are fairly malevolent involving the usary of native americans and the solicitation of illegal campaign contributions. There was a decent 60 minutes piece on this a few months ago when I posted this. I doubt there is jail time in his future, and the Texans will probably just love him that much more, but at least it puts it out there. There are several other ethic scandals swirling around that could make this an interesting fall.

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