Tuesday, September 06, 2005

grocery store snob

Allright. I'll admit it. I'm a grocery store snob. How can I not be, when I've got Larry's just down the street and Whole Foods just a few miles away? I'm spoiled. I had Food Emporium in Mukilteo, the absolutely amazing Ballard Market in Ballard... *sigh* I went to Safeway on Friday because it was right next to the liquor store (yes, the proximity to the liquor store was the deciding factor on where to shop) and remembered why I love love love my yuppie grocery stores. The produce sucked. The selection sucked. The fresh bread? Yup, you guessed it. Sucked. I was really disappointed. Apparently in the five years that I've been living up here I've turned from a Saefway loyalist to a revolutionary. I'm picky, and I really like good quality food. Organic options are a must. As is appetizing, fresh, ripe (preferably local) produce. And yummy fresh locally made bread! Eee gads. Sorry to be such a snob.

The weekend was good; spent Saturday at Bumbershoot... This was from early in the day, not very crowded yet:

This is the International Fountian where you can run down in the water when it gets too hot... (Later on there were some kids sliding down the concrete slope on plastic trays; looked fun until one of them apparently didn't quite make it and crashed...)

The lead singer of this band (Hidden in Plain View) was absolutely sure he was a Rock God: (I know, it's not a very good picture, but the lights are pretty)

And this guy was a one-man show with his guitar and his hula-hoop:
All in all, good times!

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