Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The speed of sound tour...

My roadie cousin might be able to get us into the Death Cab benefit show tomorrow tonight, and I can barely contain my excitement. We were already seeing them in November so we didn't try to get tickets to this show, but the prospect of freeness and maybe meeting the band has got me totally amped! I hope it works out.

Finally, being nice to the extended family might pay off.

Also, has anybody noticed that Katrina is like the new 911 for the news? Everything that was happening before Katrina is now forgotten. Here are a few things I think are being ignored at the moment:

We are getting ready to cross the 2,000 mark for fatalities among US soldiers in Iraq

Iraq is still struggling with it's constitution

Karl Rove is still responsible for outing a CIA agent

Judge Roberts was not very open about his views on crucial issues.

Bush is not a good leader. Oh wait, that is the silver lining on this crisis for me. At least we have all gained some perspective on the Bush administration and the value it places on the american people.

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