Wednesday, September 21, 2005

george hamilton plays paintball

The Death Cab For Cutie tickets mission was a bust. Not only that, but we had to sit through detailed descriptions of sword collections and playing paintball with figure skaters. It was one of those conversations where when you're having it, everything seems okay because people are talking, but afterwards you realize that the other party had no interest in you. There wasn't even a question such as "so, what have you guys been up to?" And no tickets. No backstage passes. No meeting the talented Ben. We're crushed.

Leslie has found one of the greatest things the Fox network has put together: Go Bleuths!

And on another completely unrelated note, I'd like to get another tattoo. Is the celtic tree of life too cheesy and overdone? I'm thinking of putting it on my back between my shoulderblades. There's this one that you see a lot:

But doing some research on the internet I found this one that I like a lot too, although I think I'd change it a little bit.

What do you guys think? Complete honesty please. I won't be offended


Bodie said...

I think it was clear even as we were struggling through conversation at dinner that my cousin had nothing to say to us other than to tell his delightful stories of the adventures of a roadie. I am not sure if it is self absorption, or just dullness and lack of social skill, but I felt as though we were playing 20 questions about his life and he had no interest in us. He didn't even say thanks for my picking up dinner.

So much for being nice to the extended family.

susan said...

I like the second one better as a tattoo. The first one doesn't look feminine to me, though it would be a neat knitting pattern. :-P

mandy said...

You totally called it - I've been thinking for a while that I'd really like to come up with a cable chart for the top one. Maybe put it on the back of a simple sweater or something... What a challenge!

Almostgrace said...

Did you watch Arrested Development on Monday?

I prefer the second version too. Maybe without all of the flowers, only a few.

mandy said...

Of course! It was great. I love that show. I immediately thought to check for when I was watching it, but then promptly forgot. Thanks for reminding me!

And I agree, I think I'll end up with the second one manipulated a bit to fit around/with my current tattoo.

Angela said...

I like the second one too! A more simple design that will age better over the years...that detailed stuff tends to blur a bit :(