Friday, September 23, 2005

gravy days are here again

Wavy Gravy how I love thee...

It's back. Last night after dinner with an in-law at Zeeks we moseyed on down to out local B&J's store and the sound of angels was heard from inside. It's back! Mmmmm. A waffle cone with Wavy Gravy and a pool of fudge at the bottom. Doesn't get much better than that.

B's mom is in town for the weekend so we'll be trying to keep busy with all the tourist attractions... It's nice when people come to town so we can take a trip down to the market or have an excuse to hop on a ferry with no real destination. Maybe I can convince them to hop on the Bainbridge ferry and just "happen" to walk by Churchmouse. It's sweater time!

Happy Friday! Tried to upload a puppy picture but blogger isn't cooperating. Sorry!

Have a great weekend!

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Angela said...

Karen was talking about getting a Churchmouse field trip going!