Tuesday, September 27, 2005

what's your chicken dance?

I love that all the Blueths were showing off their chicken dances last night. I can't remember ever seeing Michael do a chicken dance. Does he have one?

I thought I'd share a find... The Dead Kenny Gs are apparently playing at the Jazz Alley next week. It appears to be a new conglomeration of great musicians, with a great name and poster as well... Skerik is an amazing local saxamophone player - we've seen him play with Critters Buggin, Charlie Hunter, Garage a Trois, Mike Clark's Prescription Renewal, Karl Denson... Should be a great show. Who's coming?

Still on the music front,
Harvey Danger is offering their new album for free direct from their website. Check it out! Good free stuff!

And oh yeah, its the cumulus first blogiversary! One year ago today I decided to start this blogging experience; it's been fun. On that note, I think today is a good day to start thinking about a new blog... Stay tuned!


Bodie said...

I haven't seen one for Tobias, George Michael, or Maybe either.

mandy said...

True... But Tobias isn't really a Bluth, and who knows if Maeby is or not...

greyguitar said...

Happy one year blog anniversary guys! I also have my one year coming up on the 15th! We're getting old. ha.