Friday, October 14, 2005

B: Bush Notes

Newt was run out as the Speaker of the house because of his favorable comments about Strom Thurmans history as a KKK member, and now he is hoping for a Presidential nomination. I hope the Republicans do nominate him because it can only blow up in their faces. Seems to me that Republicans are so desperate for leadership they are grasping at Newt trying to bring back the glory days. A recent poll says that a majority of polled americans agree the Bush's presidency will be viewed as unsuccessful. Bush can't even trust the soldiers in Iraq to treat him with respect in a teleconference so they have to script all questions, and then lie about (until they are caught on tape).



countjrg said...

Newt actually PRAISED Strom Thurman for being in the KKK? Please!

Newt's past is too colorful for him to get even near the oval office, but at least he has some balls.

Sometimes I really don’t get why Democrats hate Bush so much. He’s the most pro- big government Democrat that’s occupied the oval office since Linden B. Johnson.

That said, have fun in France Bodie!

Bodie said...

Again with the balls! What is it with you Republicans?