Thursday, October 13, 2005

B: Vitamin P

Mandy and I just bought some new vitamins and resolved that we would take them more often to have better health and avoid the NW doldrums as winter rapidly approaches, but I am starting to remember why I am not such a fan of the multivitamin.

A) These are honking big pills, and I just don't like swallowing pills. I just don't. Why can't they make an adult vitamin that is chewable
and has a grown up taste like whiskey or something?

B) Vitamins make me pee more and I think I am getting dehydrated. I suspect this is because I am well nourished and don't need all of these vitamins and minerals (is this bad for your kidneys? (vitamin paranoia???)).

C) When I am doing all of this peeing it is a bright color and smells funny.

Seriously, what is up with the smelly pee? I can live with espresso making it smell a little like coffee, that is just a minor gross factor that I am willing to accept. This minerally vitamin smell though, just sucks. It's like that asparagus pee thing. I suspect I am not the only one who might take a few more vitamins or eat a bit more asparagus if somebody could get this under control.

Come on smart people of the world. Drop you cancer cures and baby cloning experiments and get on a serious problem. I am making a call to arms for the research type folks to take up my challenge and develop vitamins and vegetables that don't have unpleasant pee affect. As incentive I am offering up my box full of childhood Legos sets. Thats right folks, ten pounds of vintage Legos (sorry, none of the instructions for the 20-30 sets have survived). The lucky winner will be determined by me based on a one week trial in which no pee altering affects are noted.


greyguitar said...

I have never related so much to a post before. Well, aside from having vintage legos, but for everything else, I'm in the same boat. Seriously, all I think is, "it's highlighter yellow!"

I'm addicted to the multivitamins. I was replinished my supply last week.

Bodie said...

By vintage I mean old and crappy. It is good to know people feel me on this whole vitamin thing.