Wednesday, November 30, 2005

B: A new hope

Well, I love saying I told you so, but it just seems lame to pen a blog post of I told you so's. I don't need to feel righteous to be right, unlike those people that are on the social right that hide their corruption behind their righteousness. Say that 3 times fast.

The point is the current party in power is beset with problems and rightly so, but what I want to know is what do people want in their next President?

Do we want a woman, just for the heck of it?

Do we want somebody with military cred to help get us out of Iraq?

Do we want a Governor with lots of management experience to guide the nation on homeland issues?

Do we want a Senator that can bring both parties to the table and repair the divisions of the last two presidential terms?

Do people want a President that uses religion as a leg in their platform, or are people becoming suspicious of the influence of the religious right in our governments funtion?

Where do we go from here? What is on your Presidential wish list?


countjrg said...

I can’t think of anyone I’d really want. I can’t think of any prominent fiscal conservatives I’m itching to support. Maybe I’m just losing faith in humanity. I think Collin Powell would be a great president, but it would never happen.

I don’t know….Who do you think?

susan said...

I don't have a specific person in mind, but what I want most of all is someone with integrity who believes that the US can lead the world scientifically, but has no right to try to lead it ideologically. Someone who truly believes that a non-partisan group of the best and the brightest can tackle the huge problems (infrastructure, energy, health care) and make a positive difference that will make the nation stronger. Someone who can figure out a better way of improving education than testing (paying teachers more?). And, very importantly, someone who can be fiscally responsible (eg. Dean in Vermont).

What I don't want is someone who is willing to allow torture, the reduction of human rights, or to be governed by mindless ideology (religious or otherwise). And I'm also pretty sick of the "the other party is the enemy" mentality, so someone who runs on that platform (Kerry fell into it, Barbara Boxer epitomizes it) will not get my vote, at least in the primaries.

I think someone like McCain makes a better senator than president, and I disagree with many of his social opinions, but I think he embodies many of these characteristics.

Bodie said...

I still like Kerry, Dean and Gore. I think they form an amalgam of what I would like, yet none of them has really inspired anybody based on their leadership.

I like McCain for his thoughtful patriotism and steadfast approach, but I disagree with him on a myriad of social issues.

I think the Condi and Hillary discussions on the new are nothing more than filler, or at most VP choices. To me Colin Powell burned his cred on the Iraq war, and there really aren't any other Cabinet level officials that I like.

I suspect the great leaders of our time probably aren't well known at the moment and I am in a wait and see mode as far as who I think is worth supporting. I am am more curious about what qualities I and other people want.