Tuesday, November 29, 2005

M: t-day goods

Just wanted to squeeze a quick post in about Thanksgiving, and how much fun was had at the Issaquah pad. Thank you soooo much to Sco-Dees for hosting this year! We also got the added perk of finding people to take the Honda, which absolutely rocks. I would call them suckers, but they seem like nice people and we'd like to see them again.

Unfortunately, the camera batteries ran out early in the evening so I couldn't get any pictures of people chowing down on the mass amounts of food and beverages. Actually, all that came out was pictures of the food. So here it is - just pretend that there are 15 people, three dogs, and one cat all gabbing and laughing in the background.

Pre-sauce. Mmmmm.

Did I mention there was food? And half of it wasn't even there yet!

Mmmm... shelf pie...

Unfortunately my lemon meringue beaded up a bit on top, but it made it look pretty, and it still tasted great.

And oh yeah - not food, but this guy was such a cutie.

Thanks again guys! Can't wait for next year!

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