Monday, November 21, 2005

B: Who will watch you die?

Weekend in Review:

Friday afternoon
1) Leave work late
2) Dropped Luna at ScoDees house of boats and bikes
3) Flew to Spokane
4) Stayed at Hampton Inn (we were so tired getting in at 11:30 and having to be up at 7 am that we didn't even feel like taking advantage of the best part of staying at a hotel together. Wink wink nudge nudge say no more)

Saturday Morning/Afternoon
1) Super rushed breakfast and then a 1.25 hour shuttle ride to Idaho with crazy ex-miner shuttle driver
2) Bought new car
3) Drove said new car back across the state, managed to not get pulled over(360 miles in 4.5 hours)
4) Made important adult decisions on drive back about the future of our relationship and stuff.

Saturday Evening
1) Dinner
2) Wink Nudge Say no more
3) Rocked out to Death Cab for Cutie Concert (It was super awesome. They played a huge selection that cut across their catalogue with the new and old all mixed up. Great sound, fun performance. Lame crowd)

1) Lovely wife got bagels while I slept. (Coffe, bagels yum yum.)
2) Dog park
3) Pet food shopping trip (We really need to stop leaving there with unpaid for items. It is getting ridiculous. I mean, they don't even bother to look in your cart. You could forget to put a bunny up on the counter and walk out with it.)
4) Dog bath time
5) Grocery shopping (Whole foods was a freaking madhaus, but Thanksgiving supplies were collected.)
6) Biscuits and gravy for dinner (Mandy had a hankering.)
7) Harry Potter movie (They barely skimmed the surface of the book and it felt really jerky at points, but a decent effort.)
8) Late to bed for some much needed rest.

All in all a pretty slow weekend.


Anonymous said...

What is the purpose of traveling to Idaho to purchase a vehicle?

mandy said...

The biggest Dodge dealership in the world (literally). They have excellent deals and no stupid car dealership haggling back and forth. Well worth the flight, hotel, and gas costs.

Good weekend recap, by the way. :) I'm exhausted just reading about it!

mandy said...

Umm, and about that whole "forgetting" to put things on the counter at the pet store... It's not really "forgetting" if you strategically place the items so that they can't be seen (ie underneath the dog food); that's pretty much "stealing." The first couple times could be passed off as "forgetting," but the fact that we discussed it beforehand leads me to believe that we are "actively foregetting."

Bodie said...

One item was intentional, but the other was purely an accident. You are correct, but you must admit it is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Petty thievery?

mandy said...

Sure sounds like it, eh? Is there a problem?

Bodie said...

Anoymous punk!!!!

DOn't you know we're loco!